The future of our country lies in uncertain, deprived hands sleeping under trees or benches in bone freezing cold. The children of our country will be the legacy we leave behind and yet; the present situation leaves us in shameful distress.
Being the second most populated country, India has a largely dominating number of youth crowning its resources. However, this resource is perhaps the most misused one as well.


Keeping in mind the above issue, 24×7 Care Foundation launched a Child welfare program. This endeavor functions with a motive of completely demolishing the term “underprivileged”.


Infants and mothers at the community are given distinct education about healthcare and sanitation. Ranging from menstrual sanitation to child healthcare, every aspect is meticulously taken care of.


In accordance with our aim, 24×7 Care Foundation has empowered innumerable children around the country. More than the number, 24×7 Care Foundation has striven to improve the quality of lives of our children and has been sublime so far. 24×7 Care Foundation’s newest center in Rohini has helped 24×7 Care Foundation extend help in far more grievous and needy societies in the country. The children of a rag picker’s community were destined to follow the same path as their parents. In an attempt to change their fate, With time and incessant efforts, we hope to see the children at the same heights as any well-to-so child in our society.